What is the best dash cam for truck drivers

Let’s talk about what is the best dash cam for truck drivers.

When you decide to buy the best cam for your trucks. In the meantime, lots of confusion and doubt are roaming around in your head, and think about which one is the best dash cam for the truck drivers.

Right now, Take by side all of your doubt and I can show you Top 11 things that every trucker considers while buying the best cam for trucks.

Here are the things should look for in choosing the best dash cam for trucks.

1.Storage/Memory Card System:

Hardware is one of the important parts of the best cam for trucks. So, you will need to consider hardware before choosing one. For the dashcam, there are two types of storage systems: SD cards and Could-connected cams

  A)Internal SD Card Cameras:

Hardware is one of the important parts of any device. So, you will need to consider hardware before choosing one. For the dashcam, there are two types of storage systems: SD cards and Could-connected cams. Installing SD cards, trucks driver have to more conscious about it because SD cards have a physical existence.

It can storage footage when it’s installed. So, the driver needs to install the Card and transfer, remove the data, and also re-install it carefully. But, after taking all the required steps, cards may be lost then it requires costly re-installation.

 B)Could-Connected Cameras:

Cloud-connected cameras are interlinked with the cloud wirelessly which allows 24 hours access to operate and see the footage anywhere at any time. Trucks drivers can customize the settings and install the camera without any hassle.

You don’t need to set the SD cards for the storage, it automatically uploads the footage in the cloud then you can download the recording anytime. Through cloud-connected dash cams, you can record high-quality video footage without any worries of limited storage.

If the dashcam can be damaged, your necessary footage will be safe in the cloud.

2.Multi-Channels Dashcam:

While thinking of the best dash cam for truck drivers, you should think of the multi-channel dashcam. A front-facing channel is not enough to protect your truck, You need at least a front-facing or rear dashcam for the overall protection. It can easily capture the front incident or head to head clashes.

Through a rear-facing camera you can back up the trucks or it will be the main witness for you in trouble. if you want, you can use the multi-channels dashcams such as front, rear, the inside of the truck, the left & right cam, and the pedals.

3. Multi Lenses Dashcam:

Capturing the wide-angle view, a truck needs multi lesenes camera up to 120 degrees. Even, advanced dashcam has up to 170 degrees wide-angle view. Through the multi lenses camera, you can capture more areas around the trucks with wide-angle lenses.

The 6 layered multi-lens camera are also available In advanced dashcams. For safety protection, you should consider the multi lenses dashcam in your list.

4. High-Quality Resolution:

Do you like low quality or noisy videos? No, Right!

Resolution quality gives you not only crystal clear video footage but also gives you clear memories. For the best cam for trucks, It needs to think about high-resolution cams. In an emergency situation, a cam needs to capture the license plate of other vehicles and this would not have happened without a high-resolution camera.

Trucks drivers should choose at least a 1080p resolution camera for the trucks. This pixel is enough for capturing the license plate or other tiny details.

5.Screen LCD/Non-LCD Dashcams: 

Perfect dashcams never block or interfere with your view while driving, it doesn’t create a distraction when you are in the driving seat. The screen is not the big thing, you can choose any LCD or Non-LCD screen, just think about your comfort.

But the LCD screen gives you the ultimate glance when you see the videos or pictures. When you will buy the dashcams, you should consider the pixels at least 1080p and your screen is capable of capturing clear and crystal footage. The most important thing when you think about the screen that you have to consider the size of your trucks and the space inside of your truck.

6. Time and Date:

In case you would face an accident or any unwanted situation and a reckless driver would create trouble for you on the road. Then, You need evidence for the police complaint or claiming the insurance money. So, Do you have evidence for proofing your innocence?

When you choose the best cam for your trucks, It must have a time and date feature which is attached to the footage. You just set up the date and time and is automatically added to the dashcam footage.

7. Motion-detection System / G-Sensor:

The G-sensor can capture the slightest movement around your truck. It can detect any move or impact that would happen by hard barking or crashing and so on. When you research about best cam for your trucks, you must consider the Motion-detection system or G-Sensor.

An advanced dash cams automatically capture and record the slightest movement or collision on the road or parking place by G-sensor. Read our another post-click here

8. Global Positioning System (GPS):

An extra feature that you might like in your future dashboard camera is a Global Positioning System (GPS). This acts as your “dairy” that takes your pace and position into account. If you are into trouble the Dashcam GPS helps you in that situation.

Even if you have a GPS, this doesn’t mean that navigational support is provided by the dashcam. With the help of in-built WIFI, you can easily operate GPS settings.

9.Temparature Resist Dashcam:

Through the long journey, a temperature resists dashcam stands with you like a friend. For the best performance, a dashcam must have a Temperature Resistance system.

Your dashcam could be scorching to the touch if the temperature gets too warm. Can also induce swelling or leaking of the batteries. Even, the video resolution of your camera will deteriorate if the dashcam is under the sun for too long.

10. Warranty Service:

It must always come with a warranty when buying an electronic device. This does not exclude the best dash cam for the truck drivers from this.

Around 5 to 6 percent of the products produced would have defects in a highly mechanized production, statistically speaking. Therefore, a warranty service gives you relief from post-purchase service. The warranty comes with parts replacement or repairing the damaged parts. It depends from brand to brand.

11.Safety Feature:

A dash cam can help increase driver perception and response times and also keep safe at night vision. Stuff such as blindspot and parking mode systems, lane shift assist, red-light monitoring, nighttime recording, collision detection, continuous recording, continuous loop recording, and other automatic detection systems are the most common characteristics.

So, Are you prepared to buy and have clearly thought about the best cam for trucks?

Just keep in mind Top 11 things mentioned above when you choose the best cam for trucks. Those things not only gives you a secure journey but also grant you the ultimate satisfaction. Read our latest post click here

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