How to install dash cam | A beginner’s guidelines


We will suggest you please read this post attentively. If you read the post step by step, It will help to gain more sense about how to install  dash cam perfectly. To mount a dashcam in your car, follow these instructions by tapping.

We think it is very hard for wiring but it is not difficult when we will do it. In this process, a dashcam installation kit from The Dashcam is used to make the job fast and simple:

It is crucial that your dashcam installation is set up properly. Regardless of the type of vehicle or product, critical video footage may be lost when an accident occurs. Dashcam installation can look harder than it actually is. But we will ensure that your dashcam installation goes smoothly by following our instructions below

If you're using BlackVue, IROAD, Thinkware, or IROAD dashcam, would be quite close to the installation process. If there are any possible variations. We will have created product-specific installation guides. Committed to the item you're interested in purchasing.

Please don't hesitate to contact our in-house product specialists if you have some concerns beyond that. There are several procedures, ranging from easy to intermediate, for installing your dashcam. We will take you through each procedure below.

We plan to provide customers with the greatest possible support for dashboard cams. BlackboxMyCar and this begins with accessible customer services.


The way of Installing a dashcam


Step #1.

Sitting on your driver's seat in your car or truck, you wish to try various places for your dashcam.  It is a fantastic idea to set the dashcam in arm's reach of your chair, but certainly don't mount the dashcam at a place.


That obstructs the view of the street forward.  In this instance, the client has chosen to put their dashcam instantly beneath the rearview mirror.


Step #2.


Popular brand-specific hardwire kit alternatives comprise the BlackVue Power Magic Guru.Hardwiring kits are offered for our dashboard cams and have come to be popular over many years for motorists. They want 2-channel front and back camera security due to their vehicles 24/7. Front windshield and rearview mirror security included.

Your fuse box offers power to your front and back camera.

 The permits your dash camera to shoot important video footage into your memory card as soon as your car isn't on. You can also get access to essential characteristics with a hardwire pack. 


Such as railroad style, wi-fi, GPS, complete HD recording, and more. In the convenience of your smartphone integration.


Hardwiring your dashboard camera into the automobile's fusebox is among. The most frequent installment ways to electricity in your dashboard camera. Once the automobile is away, thus supplying parking-mode recording for the dashboard camera. Video (for dashboard cams that do own parking-mode recording attributes).


Step #3.

 Beginning in the dashcam, lay the electricity cable roughly. Where it'll run once concealed beneath the vehicle's inside panels.  This gives you a good notion of where to route the cable along with just how much idle to leave along the way to the fuse box.    


Generally speaking, clearly pulling the rubberized trim along the A-pillar reveals a gap where the power cable could be pushed to the fuse box by the headliner.  In rare situations, it can be required to take out the A-pillar cover. It allows complete access to the region of the automobile such as the routing of the electricity cable.


 Many A-pillar covers may just be hauled off. Consult with your vehicle's technical guide or consult with a professional. If you aren't certain how to eliminate interior panels.


 Again, generally, the A-pillar doesn't have to be eliminated.  Tuck the electricity cable alongside the Present cables at the A-pillar.  


Step #4.


Setup with a Battery Bundle A dash camera battery pack is an exceptionally recommended power source for people. Who appreciate parking-mode recording and need the best protection for their own vehicles.  These battery packs do several things.


For example, providing a higher recording length on the memory card. Providing you access to this wi-fi and GPS via its smartphone integration to get dashboard camera video 24/7.


 Removing wear-and-tear on the car's battery, and enabling an easy link to only the car's 12V.We always advise installing your dashboard camera using a battery pack as it delivers. The very best type of security for your car or truck and its own battery.  Read our manual to discover more.    


Step #5.

 When you will set up properly, You will see your dash cam turn on and start recording. Now you may go on and reinstall all inside panels which were eliminated to ease running the power cable.  


More information about how to install dash cam


Now we describe to you how to install a front dash camera?


Find a power supply.  If your car or truck comes with a USB charging port, then you might utilize the USB charging port to plug into your USB power cable.

If you have no USB charging port use a USB car charger and plug it in a cigarette outlet.


NOTE: In case your power cable is loose and doesn't hold within the headliner, then you may use cable clips to maintain your electricity cable set up. Read our other post


NOTE: In case your USB charging port or cigarette lighter socket offers continuous power as soon as your car is switched off. You might have to hardwire your dashboard camera to prevent battery drain. 


Start to route the power cable and through the dashboard's rim. Hiding the power cable inside the cracks and crevices. For complete, connect your power cable into the power source.


To begin, find a perfect positioning for your dashboard camera on the windshield of your vehicle  It's usually advised that you put your dashboard camera supporting the rear-view mirror in the middle of your windshield  This is a perfect place as it hides your dashboard camera and avoids any type of obstruction to the driver's view


As exemplified, path your power cable within the headliner of your vehicle in the management of your electricity source.  In the direction of the A column, progress via the main stage.


  As soon as you arrive at the A-pillar, the path power cable through the A-pillar by concealing and putting the power cable within the weather.  Employing a trimming tool is able to help you tuck the vital wires within your headliner and A-Pillar.


NOTE: Consult with local country laws locally before installing your dashboard camera. Putting a dashboard camera behind the rearview mirror. It is considered safe and sensible from the viewpoint of the driver.


The Way to Select the Ideal Dash Cam Setup Way of Your Fleet


Dashboard cameras are a few of the best and cost-efficient technologies accessible to empower the fleet. Supervisors with much more understanding about what's happening behind the wheel. Read our other post--here


Understanding is able to continue to keep their drivers safe along with their companies healthy.  Installing a dashcam in every fleet vehicle you run is one of the simplest methods to stop false claims. Enhance driver behavior, and reduce injuries.


Mounting the dashboard camera to make matters simpler. Some individuals simply plug it into the straight cigarette lighter.  And installed on the ideal side of the windshield.  This installation technique isn't right, which might be distracting.  Thus, you absolutely can't do this when installing a dashboard camera.


How do you figure out how to place a dash cam?


Normally, the dashboard cams include a lengthy power lead. which you could tuck across the border of the windscreen before monitoring it into the cigarette lighter.  This avoids changing the electricity guide plug the cigarette lighter in straight. 


It not only impacts the automobile inside attractiveness but also obtrusive to a line of sight.


A dashboard camera best mounted behind the automobile rear-view mirror. It's in the middle of the vehicle windscreen, to be certain that both passenger and driver views aren't obstructed by the dashboard camera This makes sure the dashboard cam captures the entire lane, but only as long as your automobile recorder using a large wide-angle.


Let's talk about just how much to get a dash cam to install?

 If you would like to receive your own Dash Cam professionally set up, it around prices $40, and there are no hidden expenses.  As soon as you've bought your dash camera, all you want to is put in a memory SD card that you'll save your own videos!   


Now we are going to describe how to install [hardware, battery, and USB port] for your dash cam


The first method of installing a dashboard camera would be to utilize a battery.  There are a few dashboard cams that include their very own batteries you may utilize Based upon the manufacturer and version, these batteries may be modest or might be big, but something is true -- they do not last a good deal.


We described how you will install the dash cam on your vehicles. Follow the instruction and set up it. We think this post will help you to easily install a dash cam on your expensive vehicles. For more information--Click here

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